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McMillan Sportsmanship Award Criteria

Introduced in Memory of Kirsty McMillan, mum of previous junior club members Chloe & Rhys Maxwell.


Award Objective:


To acknowledge good sportsmanship, fair play and etiquette within the junior members section at Dumfries Ice
Bowl. It is also being introduced to raise awareness for MacMillan Cancer Research which is a charity very close
to the family’s hearts.






Curling is a game of skill and of tradition. A shot well executed is a delight to see and it is also a fine thing to
observe the time-honoured traditions of curling being applied in the true spirit of the game. Curlers play to win,
but never to humble their opponents. A true curler never attempts to distract opponents, nor to prevent them from
playing their best, and would prefer to lose rather than to win unfairly.


Curlers never knowingly break a rule of the game, nor disrespect any of its traditions.


Should they become aware that this has been done inadvertently, they will be the first to divulge the breach.

While the main object of the game of curling is to determine the relative skill of the players, the spirit of curling
demands good sportsmanship, kindly feeling and honourable conduct.


This spirit should influence both the interpretation and the application of the rules of the game and also the
conduct of all participants on and off the ice.


Sportsmanship is also defined as:


  • playing fair
  •  following the rules of the game
  • respecting the judgment of referees and officials
  • treating opponents with respect

Some people define good sportsmanship as the “golden rule” of sports — in other words, treating the people you
play with and against as you’d like to be treated yourself. You demonstrate good sportsmanship when you show
respect for yourself, your teammates, and your opponents, for the coaches on both sides, and for the referees,
judges, and other officials.


But sportsmanship isn’t just reserved for the people on the field. Cheerleaders, fans, and parents also need to be
aware of how they behave during competition. Sportsmanship is a style and an attitude, and it can have a
positive influence on everyone around you.


The Nominations Said:


Sportsmanship is about the way you conduct yourself while playing, socialising and interacting with people through curling. Curling should be about taking part in the sport and the result and who wins comes second.


Sportsmanship gets noticed when you go to other ice rinks and represent Dumfries. When you are around younger members of the club it is important to try and be a good role model.


Being a good sport is showing respect, tolerance, and admiration towards your team and towards your opposition. Not just showing you are trying to have fun but genuinely enjoying the game.


Maintaining control of your emotions when winning and even more so when you are losing. Be respectful, friendly and polite to everyone. Wear your club Jackets with pride and be proud to be part of Dumfries Young Curlers.