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Caerlaverock C.C
Cairn C.C
Crocketford C.C
Dalbeattie C.C
Dibca Ladies
Dumfries C.C
Durisdeer C.C
Holywood C.C
Kirkcudbright C.C
Kirkmahoe C.C

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Kirkpatrick Durham C.C
Lochrutton C.C
Maxwelltown Ladies C.C
Morton C.C
New Abbey C.C
Nithsdale Ladies C.C
Northern Ice C.C
Parton C.C
Sanquhar C.C
Stewartry Province C.C
Threave Ladies C.C
Tongland C.C
Twynholm C.C
Twynholm C.C
Twynholm C.C
Twynholm C.C