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Stewarty Province

Scottish Curling works in 13 geographical Areas of the country, each of which are sub-divided into a number of Provinces. One of those geographical areas is the “South” (Area 3). The Stewartry Province is one of 2 Provinces that form the “South” area, the other being Dumfriesshire.


The Stewartry Clubs are below.

Dalbeattie Curling Club,

Twynholm Curling Club

New Abbey Curling Club

Kirkpatrick Durham Curling Club

Kirkcudbright Country Curling Club

Anwoth & Girthon Curling Club

Threave Ladies Curling Club

Tongland Curling Club

Borgue Curling Club

Crocketford Curling Club

Lochrutton Curling Club

Parton Curling Club


The Stewartry Province currently runs 5 Province Competitions per year for its clubs.  The competitions are listed below:

The Twiname Cup

The Stewartry League

The Stewartry Cup

The Stewartry Province Medal

The Queenshill Cup.


In addition the Stewartry Province takes part in an annual match against its fellow Area 3 Province – Dumfriesshire. The winners of this annual match are awarded the Cragielands Cup.


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