European Curling Championships C-Division

April 28th -4th May 2023

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SATURDAY 29th 2:30pm SESSION 1


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Travel Information

Dumfries and Galloway is located in the Southwest of Scotland. The Region is rural but has various airports and train stations for visiting teams to enter into the Region.


Dumfries and Galloway has both local and national rail connections. The train station is in the heart of the town and a short walk from two of the chosen accommodation providers. If competitors choose to travel by train the OC shall arrange for collection from the train stations at either Dumfries or Lockerbie and transfer to the accommodation provider. Utilising the train system will provide competitors with the most relaxing transfer to Dumfries and allow visitors to view our spectacular country.

Transport & around the town

Our accommodation providers have been selected due to their proximity to the curling venue. The OC feel this will provider competitors and spectators with the best opportunities to explore by foot the delight of the town. Public transport is excellent around the town. Dumfries is within easy reach of a number of airports, both in England and Scotland. Glasgow, Manchester and Newcastle are all international airports with a wide range of destinations, while others serve a more limited number of destinations, but offer budget flights. The table below details the names of the airports available and their proximity to the venue.zz


Preswick Airport (60miles/95km) 

Edinburgh Airport (80 miles/130km

Glasgow Airport (80 miles 130km) 

Newcastle Airport (90 miles/145km) 

Blackpool Airport (130 miles/210km) 

Manchester Airport (160 miles/260km)

Liverpool Airport (165 miles/270km) 

Additional Information

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